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Monica has worked in the fitness industry for many years both as an instructor and as a personal trainer. Monica has taught Pilates, Body Sculpt, Step, Aerobics, and Personal Trained in South America, Europe, and the US. Monica is a high energy instructor with certifications in both classical and contemporary Pilates, Barre, personal training, and group exercise. Monica's challenging and yet fun workout will get you the results you're looking for and will also enhance your sports performance. When she is not teaching, Monica loves practicing Yoga!

Daniela has taught fitness and dance classes and personal trained for many years in Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, and New York. Daniela holds a comprehensive Pilates certification to teach mat and all apparatus at all levels. In addition to the method she also teaches high intensity cardio urban rebounding classes, total body conditioning, holding both group fitness and personal training certifications. Daniela is a fitness enthusiast and believes that any fitness goal can be attained as long as you enjoy your workout. Daniela loves everything fitness and is grateful for helping others live a healthier lifestyle.

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